About the Artist:

Brenda Bagg was born in South Africa and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1981. She attended the Johannesburg College of Art majoring in Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic Artist in South Africa and the United States for many years.

The influence of her culture and heritage and her attention to detail and design can be observed in her work. Many modern American artists including Charles Demuth, Carolyn Brady, Joseph Raphael, Wayne Thiebaud and Gerald Silva also had a strong influence on the art she produced. What inspired Brenda most about these artists is their brilliance, creativity, honesty, strong sense of design and ability to conquer challenges.

Brenda constantly tried to push herself to the next level and search for new ways to explore and create artwork. She demonstrated that ordinary items are actually wondrous things of beauty. Life and art are challenging but rewarding, simple but complex, fragmented but whole. Her art invites the viewer to experience a heightened awareness and an emotional connection and appreciation of life.

Brenda knew the difficulty of learning how to leverage the behavior of water and the challenges it poses. She also was conscious of the unforgiving aspects of the medium in that mistakes cannot be easily remedied. Her mission was to achieve artistic perfection and that was what motivated her most.

Brenda passed away in April 2005 at the age of 51. She led an engaging life that touched everyone who knew her. She had a rare insight that came from a unique understanding of the essential truth of life. She was deeply spiritual, and possessed a core value system that was compassionate, encouraging, inspiring and above all fair. Her art became the true expression of her feelings. Light and color poured out of her onto empty white pages. Art nourished and enriched her and gave a poetical meaning to her human spirit. She was a talented artist with tremendous insight. She had a pure soul, outstanding decency, a warm heart, and a great sense of humanity.

Limited Edition Iris-Giclee
(Unframed Image Sizes)
Tulips for Sale
19½” x 29¼”
           19½” x 28”
lady in green
simple pleasures
The Boots
15” x 18½”
Lady in Green
22½” x 14”
Simple Pleasures
    12” x 10¼”
the chefs



party time
                         The Chefs
                          7” x  5¼”
Party Time
19½” x 15”
Original Watercolors
(Unframed Image Sizes)
Boats in Antibe
19½” x 14¼”
Garden of Desires
18” x 24”
          Cactus Flower
              23” x 30”
     tropical treasures
Sunday Laundry
8½” x 10”
Study in Green
7” x 8”
         Tropical Treasures
            27¾” x 22½”
    river dreams
NAPA Valley
12¼” x 21½”
The Resting Place
10” x 14”
          River Dreams
         16¾” x 23¾”
    2003       Friends of VIVA at the Creative Arts Center, Burbank, California
                     (First Place Award)
      2002       Valley Watercolor Exhibition at the Viva Gallery
                     (Ruth Probst Caine Award)
      2002       Women Painters West Exhibition at the Lankershim Arts Center
      2001       Women Painters West Exhibition at the Orlando Gallery
      2001       Valley Watercolor Society Exhibition at the VIVA Gallery
      2001       Women Painters West Exhibition at the VIVA Gallery      
      2001       Jack Sprat’s Grille - Solo Exhibition
      2000       Watercolor West at The Brea Cultural Arts Center
      2000       Southern California Open Regional Exhibition (SCORE) at the VIVA Gallery
      2000       Valley Institute of Visual Art (VIVA) - Salon Member
      2000       Women Painters West “Square One” Exhibition at the Finegood Art Gallery
                     (Evylena Nunn Miller Award)
      2000       Valley Watercolor Society Exhibition at the Burbank Creative Arts Center
                     (First Prize Award)
      1999       Women Painters West Exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art
                     (Ruth Probst Caine Award)
      1999       Southern California Open Regional Exhibition (SCORE) at the VIVA Gallery
      1999       Valley Institute of Visual Art (VIVA) Group Exhibition at the VIVA Gallery
       1999–     Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Sales and Rental Gallery
      1998       Valley Watercolor Society Exhibition at Cal State Northridge University
      1997       Valley Watercolor Society Exhibition at the Brand Library
                     (Third Prize Award)
      1996       Valley Watercolor Society Exhibition at the Brand Library
      Art Affiliations:
      • Valley Watercolor Society
      • Women's Painters West
      • Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
      • Valley Institute of Visual Art (VIVA), Los Angeles
                   For inquiries about the artist or her artwork, please email:      info@brendabagg.com